A patch logo for the air force. One of the IDF air force units also known as the “orange tail knights squadron”.


Every unit in the military has it’s own logo and almost every military’s branch has its own uniform.
The airforce has their own jumpsuit which they attach patches on it.
That unit is comprised of   young soldiers, so this project had do be cool & young.
It contains hint of the unit’s characteristics, abilities and missions as well.
And the one thing that is in common with all untis – the wings.
All the air force logo’s have simple figures and colors. however, this renewed patch will have to be younger – meaning more gradients. 
The logo on the left below you can see the old actual unit logo, as for the picture on the right you can see the first patch logo.

The design

There are 4 main elements that had to be included in the design:
The unit number – 107. 
The unit name – “orange tail knights squadron”.
The logo colors – Yellow, Orange, Black & White.
The contour – as the shape of superman’s logo. 

The old patch had a serif and more of an elegant font. The new patch has a san-serif bold font with a much bigger presence.  
The official logo has an orange animal but in the renewed patch the figure has been changed into a knight, using black & white colors with shades for it to be more realistic, and the orange tail  is the same as the units name.
The patch contour is a diamond, like superman, symbolizing our heroic soldiers. 

107 logo
107 old logo