Urban TLV

A series project for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, Showing all of the highlights and the people of the city, What symbolizes TLV in 5 different illustrations. 


What are the characteristics of Tel-aviv? why do people fall in love with this city? and how do you we put it in only 5 pictures?
When thinking of tel-aviv straight away you think of a warm city, beach’s city, LGBTQ+ friendly, yoga loving, rich in art and culture, high-tech and very unique architecturally.

This project’s design focuses on strong elements associated with the city of Tel Aviv:
The warmness- attributed to israels weather and people.
The beaches- Israels number one activity.
Yoga- A zen movement adopted by the people of israel and prevelantly practiced by those looking for a moment of peace from the hustle and bustle of tel Aviv’s city life. Health and well being is important to us city dwellers!
Statues- Tel aviv is bursting with a wealth of art and architectural land marks. Everyone recognizes Habima and Kikar Dizengoffs status as being a quintessential part of the city. Think Eiffel Tower of Paris of Leaning tower of Pisa!
High Tech- A square next to a circle next to a triangle might not mean much to most people, but ask anyone from tel aviv and they will immediately associate these with the three Azrieli Towers. A hallmark of high-tech innovation and place of work for those in the industry.


The design has 3 major characteristics which are – the pastel colors – Blue, Pink, Yellow  & Turquoise , the 2D dimensions and black human silhouette that together shows us the urban life of TLV