Chef Box

A branding student project. A food capsule for the microwave.
Put it on a plate, 30 seconds on the microwave that’s it! your food is ready!


Inventing my brand and the product itself has been a fun project.
During the research, while looking for my competitors I found that the solution for the non-cooking people were premade microwave meals or ordering out.
The chef box is the ultimate solution for all the non-cooking people, “non-cooking” refers to people that do not have the time or do not like to cook.
The capsule is designed for day to day use, and is accessible for anyone who can afford a microwave.
The capsule is a better option to TV food and is cheaper that eating out.
What other products are prestigious but affordable? Let’s think of Nespresso.
It is making a day to day necessity easier than it was, better, and people want it on their shelves. 
The Chef Box will be the same but will make the day to day cooking easier, faster and healthier. 

The design

The Chef Box will be the most frequently used thing in the kitchen because it is so easy to use for all members of the family. It’s designs aesthetic appeal and it’s accessibility will make it the quintessential center piece on every families kitchen table.
Each dish  has its own fancy color, the name of the dish on the top, the logo, food allergies and food nutritional facts and suggestions for other chef box dishes to eat with.
The designs use of text in a bolded black outline is seen throughout the packaging, giving the brand a homogenous aesthetic appearance, and strong branding style.
the first product features a fancy and prestigious deep wine color, associated with fine wine and royalty. The second product uses the color blue, which is reminiscent of the color of sapphire, a precious jewel and therefore evokes an association to wealth and makes the product seem more expensive. This in turn will make the customer feel that the product is of a higher quality.