Eradicate Hate Don't Discriminate

Following the outbreak of coronavirus in China, in January of 2020 the virus started spreading globally.
Consequently, a backlash of this was a spike in racist sentiments and attacks on the Chinese population overseas. The aim of this project was to campaign against and also raise awareness of the growing issue of fear based racism towards Asians, as a result of covid-19.
The project includes print & web designs, and even guerrilla design.


This advertisements findings conclude  that negative sentiments towards the Asian race have gone up undoubtedly and exponentially since the outbreak of COVID-19.
This is a global issue that needs more attention and its important to remember that even though the coronavirus may be deadly, racism is deadlier.

The design

I decided to take Shepard Fairye’s Poster “Make art not War” which is based on the 1967 poster  “Make love not War” made during and as a response to the vietnam war. This was a hard  time  when people wanted to spread love&peace.
The inspiration for this piece is evident in the use of  Shepard Fairey’s colors and icons. To keep the design in line with the cultural orientation of this issues origin, I used Chinese symbols such as; 
 The illustration of a Traditional Chinese woman, 5 stars and the use of the color red signifying the flag of China.
In addition, the design features a face mask, symbolic of COVID-19, in a distinct color so as to separate it from the rest of the illustration.